Carada's acclaimed Masquerade™ family of automated masking system is available in two formats - Horizontal for 16:9 screens, and our exciting NEW Masquerade CIH™ system for "scope" screens.

Masquerade™ systems are sold as stand-alone masking systems that can be installed over many fixed frame projection screens including popular models by Carada, Stewart Filmscreen, Da-Lite, Draper, and Vutec (please contact us to confirm compatibility with your screen).  Or if you don't already have a screen, you can add a matching Carada screen at the time of purchase.  And you can even install a Masquerade™ system over your own DIY screen!



CIH   [Click here for more info]

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The NEW Masquerade™ CIH Constant Image Height masking system brings all the MAGIC of the Cinema to your home theater!  When the movie starts and the masks quietly glide open revealing your cinemawide screen in all its glory, you and your guests will relive your favorite movie moments all over again.  Whether you're watching Casablanca in 4:3, the Super Bowl in 16:9, Bolt in 1.85:1, or Quantum of Solace in 2.40:1, your Masquerade CIH will perfectly frame your image.  In addition to the four discreet settings, the dual-motor Masquerade™ CIH also has "Jog" capability for less common aspect ratios anywhere between 2.40:1 and 4:3 as well as fully independent control of each mask for the ultimate in control.  Click here for more info

Now shipping the Masquerade™ CIH!


Horizontal   [Click here for more info]

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The Horizontal Masquerade™ masking system has a native aspect ratio of 16:9 for optimal enjoyment of your favorite High Definition TV programming, games, and many movies.  With the push of a button you deploy the top and bottom masks to eliminate those annoying “black bars” on films like Spiderman, The Lord of the Rings, Transformers, and many other exciting widescreen movies.  Then retract the masks to watch 16:9 programs, games, and 1.85:1 movies with the largest impact.  In addition to the factory presets, the Horizontal Masquerade™ also has "Jog" capability for less common aspect ratios anywhere between 16:9 and 2.70:1.  Click here for more info