So, what's NEW at Carada these days?

Check out the all NEW MASQUERADETM masking systems.
Now available in two formats:

  • CIH (Constant Image Height)

  • HORIZONTAL (Constant Image WIDTH)

  • MasqueradeTM Masking System

    What is your return Policy?

    Screens that have an aspect ratio OTHER than 1.78:1 OR a viewing surface diagonal larger than 142" are not returnable or exchangeable for ANY reason.

    The following return policy applies ONLY to screens with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (AKA 16:9) AND a viewing surface diagonal of 142" or less:

    Screens with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (AKA 16:9) and a diagonal viewing surface of 142" or less, can be returned for any reason within the first thirty days for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping costs. The following rules apply:*

    • Contact us at support@carada.com for a return authorization number.
    • You must return your screen in its original shipping box packed with the original packing materials. If you no longer have those materials please contact us to purchase the packaging kit that will include everything you need to ship the screen safely back to us. We do expect to get a returned screen back in good condition; damaged screens may result in a reduced refund.
    • Write the return authorization number on the OUTSIDE of the shipping box.
    • We can arrange to have the screen picked up on our shipping account (and deduct the cost of shipping from your refund) or you can ship the screen back on your own shipping account. If you are returning the screen back to Carada yourself, you must insure the screen for its purchase value during return shipping; and if the screen is lost or damaged during shipping you will need to make the claim with the shipper for reparations .
    • If you return a screen (or refuse the delivery) our actual cost of shipping the screen out to you will be deducted from your refund. And you will be responsible for any shipping costs to return the screen back to us.
    • If you want to exchange your screen for any reason during the 30 day satisfaction period, any Free Shipping promotions will not apply to the outgoing exchange screen. You will be responsible for the return shipping costs on your original screen AND the outgoing shipping costs on the replacement screen.
    • This policy does not apply to Masquerade Masking Systems.
    • This return policy does not apply to supplemental, replacement or secondary screen surfaces purchased to fit any existing or new an existing Carada frame series.
    • Supplemental screens purchased after the initial sale are not returnable for credit.
    • Replacement screen surfaces purchased either because of end-user damage or simply to change the screen material are not returnable for credit.
    • You may place an order for a projection screen to include more than one surface material. If you decide to return that order under the guarantee, the entire unit, including all screen surfaces, must be returned as we do not allow partial returns. All other guarantee rules apply.
    • Beyond the thirty day guarantee, Carada does not have an exchange or trade-in allowance for previously purchased screens.
    *Screens that have an aspect ratio OTHER than 1.78:1 OR have a viewing surface diagonal larger than 142" are not returnable or exchangeable for ANY reason.
    What warranty comes with my screen?

    Your Carada projection screen is covered by a 3 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If your screen needs repair, you must return it, with shipping pre-paid to Carada, Inc. We suggest that you insure the package with the shipper against damage and loss during transit back to Carada.

    The MasqueradeTM Masking System comes with a standard 1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    Why are Carada screens so inexpensive?

    Simply because we manufacture our screens here in the USA and we can sell them directly to you, the end-user.

    Okay, so Carada screens are inexpensive. But are they "cheap"?

    No! Just take a look at some of the Screen Reviews.

    If you want to read more, just search for "Carada" at one of the best places on the internet to learn about projector screens - AVS Forum

    How much are custom sized screens?

    If you choose one of our standard aspect ratios, then your price will be the same as the next largest standard size in the same aspect ratio and frame style. For example, a 95 inch diagonal 1.78 to 1 screen will be the same price as our standard 96 inch diagonal 1.78 to 1 screen in the same frame style. If you want a customized aspect ratio, then contact us for a quick quote on the screen of your dreams. There won’t be any gouging! The price will be very close to other screens of similar square footage.

    When will my screen ship?

    We build almost all screens to order. The time will vary based on demand, but we will make every effort to ship your screen within four business days. All customers will receive a tracking number via e-mail as soon as their screen ships. Once the screen has shipped the tracking number will also appear in the order information which you can access again on our website by logging in and checking your order status.

    Many of our packages ship via Federal Express, Ground and Home Delivery services. Transit time is dependent on your location from us. Once you have the tracking number Fed Ex will assign an estimated delivery date. They are pretty accurate with these dates. Home Deliveries are made Tuesday-Saturday each week except for published holidays.

    Freight Service packages are sometimes subject to unique delays, mostly because an appointment is often required for delivery, especially to residential locations.

    Will you ship a screen internationally?

    At this time we are not shipping outside the U.S.

    What payment options does Carada offer?

    Carada accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

    We accept wire transfers for an additional fee. Please contact Carada for instructions for wire transfer and the current fees required.

    Check payments are accepted with the following conditions: (1) the check must be drawn on a US bank (2) the check must be for the exact amount of the order total (3) the check funds must clear the bank, then production of your screen will begin.

    Please contact Carada for clarification of our policies and other questions you may have. info@carada.com

    What about sales tax?

    Only orders which ship to an Alabama address will be charged sales tax.

    What size screen should I get?

    To get that really immersive theater experience, you need a BIG screen. The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) recommends a minimum viewing angle of 30 degrees for theaters. To put this into perspective, if you want to sit 15 feet from a 1.78:1 format screen, your screen should be about 96 inches wide (or 110 inch diagonal). But even larger can be perfectly acceptable, depending on the image quality of your projector. Remember though, the larger your screen gets, with a given seating distance, the more likely you are to see artifacts from the projector, or in the source image itself. Also, the larger your screen gets, with a given distance from your projector’s lens to the screen (throw distance), the dimmer your picture gets. The best resource we’ve found for determining screen size is Chris Collins’ Viewing Distance Calculator – be sure to check it out!

    Which aspect ratio should I choose?

    There’s no absolute right or wrong here. In general, if you expect to watch more standard TV (not High Definition) than movies, you might prefer the 1.33:1 format. On the other hand, if you expect to watch a lot of High Definition Television or movies, one of the wider formats would be appropriate. 1.78:1 (also known as HDTV) is the most popular, and is a good compromise between standard TV, and the ultra-wide formats. A 1.78:1 screen will also match the native aspect ratio of your projector (assuming you get any of the popular current model home theater projectors). Some enthusiasts like to get their screen in the widest format (2.35:1) so that movies like Star Wars are shown as large as possible. Then any program material that is narrower is shown with black bars on the sides. If you have more specific questions, just shoot us an email at support@carada.com

    But what about 1.85:1? There sure are a lot of movies out there with this aspect ratio.

    Yes, a lot of movies are made in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio, but because of a function built into most projectors called "overscan" (check for this feature in the projector specifications), 1.85:1 movies will actually fit a 1.78:1 screen better than a 1.85:1 screen. Overscan is a feature common to many display devices including projectors and regular TV sets. It "chops off" 3%-5% of the image on all four sides. The purpose of this is to discard any bad signal on the very edges of the video material. Removing that much of the picture effectively eliminates the small black bars that you would EXPECT to see when showing a 1.85:1 film on a 1.78:1 screen. That's why the 1.85:1 movie will actually fit the 1.78:1 screen better than a 1.85:1 screen.