Projector Screen Features

Carada - Precision Craftmanship

Precision Craftsmanship

Carada craftsmanship is second to none! All Precision Series and Criterion Series frames are guaranteed to be accurate to within 1/32 inch in all dimensions (some of our competitors have tolerances of up to 1/4 inch - and they actually admit it!).

Surface Screen Materials

Carada offers 2 surface materials to choose from:

  • Brilliant White (1.4 gain)
  • High Contast Grey (.8 gain)

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6063 T-5 Aluminum Frames

Criterion Series Projection Screen Engineering DrawingCriterion Series

The aluminum extrusion used in our Criterion Series projection frames is custom engineered exclusively for Carada.

  • The frames are extremely stiff and incorporate features that will satisfy the most demanding home theater designer.
  • The face of the Criterion Series is beveled, giving the frame a very high-end look and preventing any possible shadowing on the viewing surface.
  • The viewing surface comes in direct contact with the beveled edge of the frame so there's no gap at all between the frame and the viewing surface.

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Precision Series Projection Screen Engineering Drawing

Precision Series

The aluminum we use in our Precision Series projection frames is approximately 50% thicker than the .062" wall aluminum used by some of our competitors for similar frames.

Carada also selected a 2" high by 1" deep extrusion, instead of the more commonly used 1.5" x 1.5", which makes our Precision Series projector frames stronger in the most important dimension.

In addition, we think you'll agree that our 2" x 1" Precision Series frames are more attractive than boxy 1.5" x 1.5" designs.

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Carada Projection Screen Steel Corner Braces

Steel Corner Braces

You want a frame that is both perfectly flat and strong. We weren't satisfied with plastic inserts, so we had corner braces custom manufactured for us to our precise specifications. These elegantly simple steel braces hold the corners tighter and allow less frame distortion than plastic inserts.

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Carada Projection Metal Snaps

Metal Snaps

Our surface materials attach to the rear of the Precision Series and Criterion Series frames by metal snaps, providing you with a strong, flat projection surface, that is easy to assemble.

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Black Hole™ Trim

All Precision Series and Criterion Series frames are covered with our Black Hole™ velvet appliqué - at NO extra cost! This trim material dramatically sets off your projected image, while effectively absorbing image over-spill from your projector.

Precision Projection Screens by Carada

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Precision Projection Screens by Carada

3M adhesive-reinforced screen borders

In setting up our manufacturing processes, we considered the old-school method of sewing the webbing around the borders of the screen material where the snaps are attached. Reinforcing the edges of the screen material (which is under considerable tension) helps limit the sag between snaps, and prevents the screen material from tearing away from the snaps.

But we discarded the idea of sewing the border on, and chose a superior solution. It's widely known that the 3M corporation has become THE source for advanced industrial adhesives. We worked very closely with a 3M distributor to find the perfect solution for our application. We wanted a product that would provide better support around the snaps and allow less sag between snaps. After experimenting with various alternatives, we chose a high quality 3M adhesive that met all our objectives. This industrial strength adhesive is laminated to a heavy gauge vinyl that we then apply to the borders of our screen material before attaching the snaps. This custom-manufactured reinforcing border is 100% bonded to the screen material, which results in less sagging between the snaps, and less buckling around the snaps, as compared to sewn-on reinforcement.

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