Projector Screen Aluminum Frames

Precision Series Projection Screen Engineering Drawing

Precision Series

The aluminum we use in our Precision Series projection frames is approximately 50% thicker than the .062" wall aluminum used by some of our competitors for similar frames.

Carada also selected a 2" high by 1" deep extrusion, instead of the more commonly used 1.5" x 1.5", which makes our Precision Series projector frames stronger in the most important dimension.

In addition, we think you'll agree that our 2" x 1" Precision Series frames are more attractive than boxy 1.5" x 1.5" designs.

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Criterion Series Projection Screen Engineering DrawingCriterion Series

The aluminum extrusion used in our Criterion Series projection frames is custom engineered exclusively for Carada.

  • The frames are extremely stiff and incorporate features that will satisfy the most demanding home theater designer.
  • The face of the Criterion Series is beveled, giving the frame a very high-end look and preventing any possible shadowing on the viewing surface.
  • The viewing surface comes in direct contact with the beveled edge of the frame so there's no gap at all between the frame and the viewing surface.

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