Projection Screen Surface Material

All Carada projection screen surfaces are flexible, unsupported PVC fabrics. They are flame retardant, mildew resistant, and washable with soap and water. Each fabric has an ultra-fine surface embossing that will give you sharp images and accurate colors without color shifting.

Classic Cinema White Screen Material

Our Classic Cinema White screen material provides an exceptionally wide angle of view, helping to maintain a consistent image from different seating areas. It has a gain of 1.0, and is most suitable for dedicated theaters with good ambient light control.

Brilliant White

Our Brilliant White screen material has a gain of 1.4 for that extra bit of punch, with a minimal decrease in viewing angle. It is also a thicker, more opaque gauge of vinyl than our Classic Cinema White. With its higher gain, it is a good option for dimmer projectors, or in environments with some ambient light such as boardrooms or churches.

High Contrast Grey

Our High Contrast Grey screen material has a gain of 0.8, and can improve your image�s contrast by lowering the black levels. This material is a good option for digital projectors with less than spectacular contrast ratios.

Which screen material should I choose?

The answer can depend on many variables, so feel free to contact us if you want some help deciding

Here are some basic rules of thumb:
  • If you have a top-of-the-line projector with excellent contrast ratio and brightness specifications, AND you have good control of ambient light in your viewing environment, then Classic Cinema White is probably your best choice.
  • If you don�t have total control of ambient light in your room, or your projector isn�t quite as bright as you�d like, then you may want to go with Brilliant White. Also, if you plan to hang your screen from the ceiling out away from the wall, then Brilliant White would be your best choice, as it will prevent excessive light from penetrating the surface and causing a glow on the wall behind.
  • Our High Contrast Grey is a great surface to pair with some of the current digital projectors that perform beautifully in every way, except for black levels. But keep in mind that the negative gain WILL lower the image brightness a little. So if your projector is a little lumen-shy, or you like a really bright image, you might prefer to sacrifice better blacks and go with the Brilliant White (it�s really just a matter of personal preference).

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