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Kris Deering
Home Theater Magazine

"I was surprised at how well the Masquerade increased the perceived depth and contrast with these projectors" [JVC RS2, Planar PD8150, BenQ W20000]

"...program material showed a lot more pop and dimensionality when I used the masking"

"...livened up the image and anchored the blacks"

"Even my wife, who was extremely skeptical about the system, was floored by how much the masking changed the image perception"

"...a rare standout in price and performance"

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Greg Robinson
E Gear Magazine

"'ll definitely want to see what Carada has cooked up with their incredible Masquerade masking system"

"...the engineering that went into this product was evident at every step of the game"

"From its ridiculously-sturdy (and heavy!) box to its precision machined joints to its integrated IR remote sensor, this is a quality product if I've ever seen one."

"The motor is surprisingly quite and the slider mechanism is remarkably smooth."

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Mike Coss


"After 2 years with my 120" 2.35 Carada Criterion BW screen, I couldn't be happier.  It was an incredible value, and their customer service was second to none."


Brad Stephenson


"The Carada Masking system has performed flawlessly!  ...even my wife is impressed!"


Masquerade CIH at 2.35:1   

Brad Tilley

North Carolina

"I love it.  Thank you!!!"

Vertical Masquerade at 2.35:1   

Art Feierman

Carada "Brilliant White" Projection Screen - Review

"most impressed with the Brilliant White's performance"

"the Criterion frame with its wide velvet covered trim looks great mounted in my testing room"

"has to be one of the very best values in fixed wall screens, available to consumers today"

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Carada Brilliant White Projection Screen - Review

Clint DeBoer, Editor-in-Chief

Why YOU should own a Carada

"The goal of any screen is to accurately portray the picture you are projecting - and the Criterion does that with flying colors."

"Setup could only be simpler if Carada had a person come to your home and do it for you."

"Considering these tests came out nearly identical on a different, more expensive projector screen, I think the Carada represents a tremendous value for those looking to upgrade from their wall or a cheaper pull-down solution."

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Projector Screen Review by Clint DeBoer - Audioholics

Ron Stimpson, Co-Founder
SV Sound

"You can spend much more on screens for your movie room, but you can't find a better screen for the money."

"The fit of the frame pieces together was about as precise as is possible to get I think."

"If you want personalized service and know that ANY issues will be swiftly dealt with, AND know you got great product for the money, Carada should be on your short list."

Projector Screen Review by Ron Stimpson, Co-Founder - SV Subwoofers

Mike Dzurko, Founder
Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI)

"My Carada 102" came in on Monday.  It was packed very well and went together without hassle in probably 30 minutes or so.  The picture looks terrific with my Z1, quite an improvement over the white wall it is now covering.  Having that black frame makes it kind of look like a huge plasma, very cool."

"Carada always replied to my emails very promptly and in fact processed my screen order within about 3 days, sent it on the way and sent the confirming info without prompting."

"Great product, great picture, great service, highly recommended!"

Projection Screen Review by Mike Dzurko, Founder of ACI - Audio Concepts, Inc.

Michael Claunch

"Put up my second Carada Brilliant White HDTV screen a couple of days ago.  The screen is outstanding.  Quality, wide viewing angle, affordable and easy to install is how I can describe it.  I was afraid it would be too big in the room but wanted a great immersive experience.  The first movie the family watched was Avatar 3D....WOW.  All we can say is this screen matched with my new Panasonic AE8000 makes this experience a 3DISCOVERY!   Thanks Carada"

Rob Simpson

"After spending a few months watching movies on the Masquerade we could not be more pleased.   My wife said to me, 'I wasn't sure about the Masquerade, but you wanted it so I didn't complain, but now that we have it, I love it'.  We had some friends over to show off the theater room and all were in awe.  Then I told them, 'Here is the cool part' and proceeded to mask the screen to 2.35:1 - They turned and looked at me and said, 'What the heck did you just do, that looks awesome."

"My wife and I definitely made the right choice to purchase the Masquerade system, thanks again for all your help."

Horizontal Masquerade at 2.35:1   

Todd Vafiades

"I am extremely happy with my new Carada 145” diag 2.35:1 Precision screen... your team provided wonderful customer service, very fast fabrication and shipping, and a true high quality product for a comparative bargain!

Frankly, I had my doubts that zooming the picture so far to fill such a large screen was still going to give me the brightness, crsip detail, and contrast I was aiming for… but the opening scene of Iron Man put all those concerns to rest.  Even the wife (who does a remarkably good job of humoring me and my HT enthusiasm) commented on how the new setup is so much more movie-theater-like.

So again, thanks for a great experience... an awesome experience which I have already related to a co-worker who happens also to be in the home theater assembly process."

Louis Quintal

"Almost a year ago, I bought a beautiful screen from you . This screen is the center of attraction for everyone that comes to visit us.  All of the components of my Home Theatre were bought thru internet based retail stores.

In my experience, CARADA is number 1 for sales, customer support, craftmanship, shipping, and expertise.  I recommend your screens to anyone and I hope business is good in these tormented economic times."

Florin Baiduc

"It looks beautiful…I'm really impressed both by the screen's quality and by the customer service you guys offer (really the BEST !)"

Dan Bazile
New York

"I have never seen customer service like this. The people at Carada really understand what it's all about. They take care of their customers as if they were family. I ordered my screen and had it at my doorstep within four days. Nothing was overlooked. The brilliant white screen really stands out in my home theater. There are no words to describe how incredibly satified I am with Carada. The experience of dealing with them, their promp responses to e-mails to answer concerns, will leave an indelible mark in my memory. Thanks Carada. You guys are simply the best."

Dominic Pica

"I actually assembled the screen this morning before heading into work a little bit late. I watched a few minutes of a 2.4:1 movie I had in my blu-ray player and have to say that it looks fantastic. Thanks again for the excellent product."

John Sykes

Director, IT
Kaleidescape, Inc.

"The screen is superb -- quality/workmanship is second to none. All pieces fit perfectly and I had a hassle free installation. It just 'worked.'  I could not be more pleased with the product. You can add me to your list of happy customers."

David Spencer

"Attached you will find a couple of photos that show my Carada 110" 16:9 Brilliant White screen now in place.  I couldn't be happier with the quality of the product as well as the outstanding customer service I have continually received from everyone at your company.  Gregg Loewen of Lion A/V Consultants just came by last week and calibrated my Optoma HD80 projector in conjunction with my Carada screen.  I am thrilled with my new home theatre and I owe many thanks to Carada for building such awesome products."

Dave Saxarra

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my 110 Brilliant White Precision Series screen.  The build and screen quality are first rate.

And the people at Carada helped me out a lot, thanks again"

Dave Saxarra Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Chong Ng

"I gotta tell you, the custom screen size on the Brilliant White fit perfectly!  ...very nice and colors just pop pop pop.  I am a happy camper now.

Thanks again for a fine product!"

Chong Ng Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Tony Treadwell
United Kingdom

"After researching screens for a while and reading comments from other avforums and avsforums members it became clear that Carada had a reputation for quality product and service and support.  Even though I live in the UK I chose a Carada screen and boy my expectations were exceeded on all fronts!"




Tony's comment regarding his second Carada purchase for his new theater:

"as usual the screen is brilliant"

Tony Treadwell Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Brad and Ellen Westcott

Seen in March 2007 issue of

Audio Video Interiors Magazine

"I do not give perfect scores very often but every once in a while a business you patronize goes above and beyond what you would expect from a vendor.    ...provided complete and concise answers to my questions and was very thorough in determining my setup and goals and directing me to the product that worked best for my system.

The 1.4 gain Brilliant White Criterion Series screen is of superior workmanship and the attention to details is apparent from the moment you open the FedEx box to inspection of the finely packaged individual components and the slipping on of the complimentary white gloves.

And if that were not enough, the price was far lower than the other screen "players".  Delivery was prompt and assembly was a breeze.  Thanks for making my screen purchase an image I want to project!"

Brad and Ellen Westcott Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen - as seen in Audio Video Interiors Magazine March 2007

Darius York

"I love my Precision Series screen. You guys construct an awesome product. Quick response and delivery, easy to assemble and install at a price that should be two times with this kind picture and construction. I love it... I have recommended four of my friends to purchase a Carada screen. Thanks Team Carada, continue to do great work and service."

Darius York Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Bill Gibbons

"My Carada screen is just about two years old now.  It is a 118” by 50” 2.35:1 aspect ratio.  Talk about WOW factor!  I went with the Brilliant White Precision Series screen because I have an Infocus SP4805 projector and I needed the extra gain that this screen affords me.  All my movies look great on it.  It was a snap to put together.  I was able to assemble and mount the screen by myself with no problems.  For quality and value I don’t think you can do much better than a Carada screen."

Bill Gibbons Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Andrew Bullinger

"Carada is awesome.  Their product is of great quality and value, their responsiveness is one of the best I've seen, their packaging is perfect and their customer service is excellent!"

Andrew Bullinger Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Aaron Randerson

"All of my friends and family are just stunned at the picture quality of my projection set up.  I would recommend these guys to any who are considering a screen."

Aaron Randerson Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Rick Westfall

"LOOKS GREAT!  The velvet wrapped frame is awesome.  If I would have tried a DIY project, yes I would have saved $$, but I'm not skilled enough to produce what I have now."

"...customer service is first class"

"If you are in the market, for the sake of your sanity, get a Carada!"

Rick Westfall Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

John Mancuso
New Jersey

" My screen arrived today packaging was perfect all items were undamaged.  I just finished installing the screen it looks beautiful.


John Mancuso Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Hans Gauvin

"I have to tell you that I never had such a pleasant buying experience on the internet!

The assembly was very easy, and very intuitive.

...the image was stunning.  I have an Infocus IN76, and I was very, very pleased with the results.  The color are vibrant and accurate.  The velvet material on the frame does an excellent job, it really does enhance the viewing experience.

The complimentary white gloves!  I had a good laugh about that!  Well, that pretty much sums up the whole experience:  A white glove service!

Much respect from a very pleased customer"

Hans Gauvin Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen
Hans Gauvin Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Ian Zaczyk
AV Forums member

"It's one hell of a screen and was easy to assemble and fix to a wall.  After considering all the other options available in the UK even with import costs the Carada screen works out very good value.  A fantastic product IMHO."

Projector Screen Review by Ian Zaczyk from AV Forums

Peter Tomasino
New York

"The project started in Jan 2005 and since I knew I would use a DLP Sharp 10000 projector I needed help on the right screen to use... what manufacturer, screen gain etc.  There certainly were the BIG names and also the most expensive options, but I had read on line about a company named Carada (that I found by accident) well before I started.  When the time came, I did a little searching and finally sent an email... we discussed sizes, screen gains and after a few more comparisons´┐Ż I never looked back, I placed my order, my screen arrived... (the fit and finish are top shelf... I love the velvet frame...) it went together as described (easy!!) and once installed the Brilliant White material for my light controlled room looks stunning!!"

"Great to deal with and I paid half the price for a great product..."


Peter Tomasino's Home Theatre featuring Carada Projection Screen
The Entrance to Peter Tomasino's Home Theatre featuring Carada Projection Screen

Bruce Cowan
Elder, Grace Community Church Tacoma Washington

"The quality, attention to detail and precision fitting of your screen is outstanding!  Everything fit together like a glove"

"Bottom line, we are VERY pleased.  I researched other screens and found yours not only to be superior in workmanship and material quality, but a FAR better price.  Keep up the good work...."

Home Theater Projection Screen

Terence Miller (Sound and Vision Magazine - Forum)

"Carada is hard to beat for their excellent customer service, money, and performance.  The High Contrast Grey screen brings the best out of my Infocus 4805, outstanding combo indeed!"


Terence Miller's High Performace Home Theater featuring the High Contrast Grey Carada Projector Screen

Todd Clements

"Got my new Carada 1.78 CW 96" screen yesterday.  Hung it along with my new sp4805 last night and fired them up.  Haven't gone to bed yet.

This has been a DIY project a long time in the making with a great deal of research, cabinet construction and soliciting expert opinions from people in the home theater business like you.  My biggest concern was a possible let down given the high expectations.  I've got to tell you that I am amazed at the quality of the image and your product.  Many thanks for your advice in choosing the right screen option."


Todd Clements Home Theater featuring Carada 1.78 Classic Cinema White Projection Screen

Tom Lassard

"My vote goes to (InFocus) 7200 looks fabulous and the screen looks as good, if not better!  Best bang for the buck screen out there right now.  Hats off to Carada!"


Tom Lassard Media Room featuring Carada Projector Screen

Michael Gaza

"I must say that being a manufacturer of Industrial Electrical Equipment myself, I've become very particular about product design, features, packaging and customer service. ...Carada Inc. rates 5 stars in all aspects."


Michael Gaza Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Michael Cassello (AVS Forum)

"... a killer screen that makes my room look great and makes my picture look even better."


Michael Cassello Home Theatre featuring Carada Projector Screen

Kyle Thomas

"A short word on my Carada experience.  I hired a local HT professional to assist me with the project.  He also happens to be a Stewart dealer.  When we hung the screen, he said he thought the quality of the frame and screen were comparable to his Stewart screens.  He said that the Carada was a little easier to hang however.  Also, Carada had the best customer service experience I've had in a long time...professional, prompt, and bent over backwards to make certain I had all the information I needed before purchasing...the 30-day refund provided for peace of mind."

Home Theater Projection Screen

Richard Watkins

"I really like the Carada screen.  It's a quality product."


Richard Watkins combination Rec Room / Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Michael Penton

"I replaced a Parkland screen that I had built and now that I have I wish I'd just saved the time/effort/money and bought this screen to begin with.  I cannot say enough good about my experience with Carada Screens"

Home Theater Projection Screen

David Firth

"BTW, everyone comments about the screen quality.  Your screen is what they see and I have seen local stereo home theater stores want around $1600-$1800 for the same product.  I think the biggest hurdle people have is the doing it themselves.  Your screen was so easily assembled my 16 year old daughter and I installed it in less than hour."


David Firth Home Theatre featuring Carada Projector Screen

Tom Berner MD
North Carolina

"Just a note to tell you how impressed I am with your organization.  What a model.  The product is superb, so well manufactured with a fit and finish second to none.  If it were the most expensive item on the market, I might expect it to be so, but for the price this is just an exceptional value.  Very nicely done!"

Home Theater Projection Screen

Ken Grove

"The secure packing was clean and easily unpackable.  Gloves were included to keep the screen clean from hand oils.  Total installation was done by myself diligently in an hour.

I have to say I am extremely impressed with the quality and the picture contrast on the screen. We made a good decision on the 0.8 gain fabric. The screen really helps create a warm and inviting environment in my theater."

Ken Grove Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Tom Adams

"Here are some shots of my HT room with your excellent screen.  My wife and I couldn't be happier.  Your screen with my Panasonic AE900U is incredible.  The audio store that did the projector install was very impressed with not just the image from the Panny, but with the quality of your screen.  They said it was every bit as good as the other name brands they typically use."

Tom Adams Home Theater featuring Carada Projection Screen

Bennie Larrier
New Jersey

"I love it!"

Bennie Larrier Home Theater featuring Carada Projector Screen

Jim Dreyfuss
New Hampshire

"I purchased a 110” diagonal 16:9 ratio Criterion Series projection screen about two years ago and have been very pleased.  Guests who visit our home theater are amazed by the entire environment, but love the picture projected by my Optoma H77 onto the Carada 1.4 Brilliant White screen.  You name it: I looked at every brand made and even went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see the differences between brands at one time.  I also obtained a sample of the cloth material from Carada and after my analysis I concluded that the Carada represented the best value.

Great communications, order process, packaging, and fast delivery.  I would recommend Carada to anyone considering a high quality screen, especially over the big name, over priced screens."

Jim Dreyfuss Home Theater featuring Carada Criterion Series Brilliant White Projector Screen