92 Inch Diagonal Precision Series Projection Screen - 1.78 to 1

Projection Screen Material
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1:78 to 1 Carada Projector Screen

Carada Precision Series Projection Screens are covered with our Black Hole™ trim - AT NO EXTRA COST!

Projector Screen material attaches to the rear of the aluminum frame by metal snaps.

The aluminum used in our Precision Series Theater Screen frames is approximately 50% thicker than the .062" wall aluminum used by our competitors, which allows for a much stronger and sturdier fixed projector screen.

  • Aspect Ratio 1.78 to 1
  • Viewing Surface Dimensions 80.2 inches wide by 45.1 inches high
  • Outside Frame Dimensions 84.4 inches wide by 49.3 inches high
  • Screen Surface Materials 
    Brilliant White

    Our Brilliant White screen material has a gain of 1.4 for that extra bit of punch, with a minimal decrease in viewing angle. With its higher gain, it is a good option for dimmer projectors, or in environments with some ambient light such as boardrooms or churches.

    High Contrast Grey

    Our High Contrast Grey screen material has a gain of 0.8, and can improve your image’s contrast by lowering the black levels. This material is a good option for digital projectors with less than spectacular contrast ratios.