88 Inch Diagonal Criterion Series Projection Screen - 2.05 to 1

Projection Screen Material

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2:05 to 1 Carada Projector Screen

Carada Criterion Series Projection Screens are covered with our Black Hole™ trim - AT NO EXTRA COST!

Projector Screen material attaches to the rear of the aluminum frame by metal snaps.

All of Carada's Projection Screen sizes are made from PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, fabrics. This means that the surface of all video screens for projector are waterproof and mildew resistant - you can even wash the surface with soap and water!

  • Aspect Ratio 2.05 to 1
  • Viewing Surface Dimensions 79.1 inches wide by 38.6 inches high
  • Outside Frame Dimensions 85.8 inches wide by 45.3 inches high
  • Screen Surface Materials 
    Classic Cinema White Screen Material

    Our Classic Cinema White screen material provides an exceptionally wide angle of view, helping to maintain a consistent image from different seating areas. It has a gain of 1.0, and is most suitable for dedicated theaters with good ambient light control.

    Brilliant White

    Our Brilliant White screen material has a gain of 1.4 for that extra bit of punch, with a minimal decrease in viewing angle. It is also a thicker, more opaque gauge of vinyl than our Classic Cinema White. With its higher gain, it is a good option for dimmer projectors, or in environments with some ambient light such as boardrooms or churches.

    High Contrast Grey

    Our High Contrast Grey screen material has a gain of 0.8, and can improve your image’s contrast by lowering the black levels. This material is a good option for digital projectors with less than spectacular contrast ratios.