Carada's automated Horizontal Masquerade™ masking system can be installed over your Carada screen as well as many other brands of fixed frame projection screens, or even over your own DIY screen!  The Horizontal Masquerade™ is a single-motor system with a native aspect ratio of 16:9 with top and bottom masks that will eliminate those annoying “black bars” on blockbuster films like Spiderman, The Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Ultimatum, and many other exciting widescreen movies.


Masks fully retracted (16:9)


Masks deployed to 2.35:1


Masks deployed to 2.70:1


The Horizontal Masquerade™ is a beautifully engineered system, handcrafted with the precision and attention to detail that Carada is well known for.  Some of the other masking systems currently on the market have various brackets and bolts visible on their exteriors, have flat-faced frames that are unattractively butted or overlapped at the corners, and are non-symmetrical by design (the top, bottom, and side pieces are of different widths).  Sure they do the job they're designed to do, but when the lights come up frankly they aren’t much to look at.  Our masking system has no unsightly brackets or bolt heads visible from the outside of the fascia.  The frame is fully symmetrical with a nice beveled front fascia which is precisely mitered at the corners, and comes standard with our Black Hole trim (an extra-cost option on some competitors’ systems!)  Simply put, the Horizontal Masquerade™ will look as beautiful as the rest of your theater.  And the Horizontal Masquerade™ is built to last with custom-designed heavy-duty aluminum extrusions, featuring SOMFY’s new ultra-quiet Sonesse 50 tubular motor.  SOMFY motors are widely used in the world's leading brands of projection screens, masking systems, and other high-end home automation products, and the Sonesse motor will give you quiet, trouble-free performance for years to come.



The Horizontal Masquerade™ is easy to install by design.  It is shipped in four pieces (all in one shipping container) which makes getting the system into tight entryways a breeze.  The system is then assembled one piece at a time directly onto your wall over your existing projection screen.  While it is possible for just one person to install the Horizontal Masquerade™, we strongly recommend a second person help with lifting the heavier top and bottom structures.  Minimal skill and tools are needed for the installation.



The Horizontal Masquerade™ is a fully integrated design.  Some masking systems on the market come without a remote control (they come with a basic up/down wall switch instead that must be hard-wired to the system).  If you want a remote control with those systems you have to pay EXTRA for that option, and what you get with the remote is an ugly metal electrical box roughly the size of a brick, and an Infrared sensor with a long wire attached.  You must find a place to stash the metal box, find a place to mount the infrared sensor somewhere in your room, and run wires from these components back to the masking system. Yuck!

The Horizontal Masquerade™ has all controls built into the system, and the Infrared sensor is integrated into the frame for an attractive, hassle-free installation.  The remote itself is elegantly simple and effective, with dedicated buttons for the 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios, and “Jog” buttons that allow you to easily adjust the mask positions for other less common aspect ratios (like 2.20:1, 2.70:1 etc).





We worked closely with packaging engineers to design an innovative packaging solution that will protect your Masquerade™ from the most grueling shipping conditions, ensuring that it arrives at your home in the same pristine condition that it leaves Carada.  We use a custom virgin linerboard crate with 1 1/8” thick plywood end caps, for a container MANY times stronger than heavy duty corrugated boxes, yet far lighter, smaller, and less costly than crates built from plywood and 2”x4”s.  The masking system is fully suspending inside the crate with ample clearance on all sides so that the beautiful Black Hole trim is protected from the crate itself.  The result is an incredibly strong package with the crate acting as the exoskeleton, and the rigid aluminum structure of the masking system itself acting as the endoskeleton.  Thanks to this innovative packaging solution, systems with an outside frame width of less than 113.5” can be shipped via economical FedEx Ground service.  Systems with outside frame widths greater than 113.5” will ship via FedEx Freight, yet are still less expensive to ship than massive wooden crates, and far easier to handle once in your home (no forklift necessary!)

Finally, as you’ve come to expect from Carada, the Horizontal Masquerade™  is an extraordinary value.  For example, a Horizontal Masquerade™ made to fit one of the most popular sizes of home theater screens, a 110” diagonal, is just $2,749.98!  And remember that price includes the custom infrared remote and our Black Hole™ trim.