Masquerade CIH Systems

The CIH system deploys side masks on the left and right to cover unused screen surface when viewing less than cinema-wide video material on 2.35:1 (or 2.37:1, or 2.40:1) projection screen.

The standard sized Masquerade Masking Systems are listed by the open 2.35 image they have (masks retracted). In addition to each of these Masquerade products you may also purchase the MMS Series projection screen which is optimized to work with the Masquerade. You will find this additional item on the same page as the Masquerade under "you may also like...".

If you need a CUSTOM SIZE Masquerade and/or projection screen please contact us at with your screen model, the aspect ratio, the outside frame dimensions and the viewing area dimensions (height, width and diagonal).

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